UK based Digital Artist / Horror Specialist.
Founder of the NeoStock (stock photography) platform, author of the how-to guide Earn With Your Art, and creator of the Core Skills Photoshop training system.
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Noted Commissions:
Stephen King (Dark Tower Saga), Clive Barker (Hellraiser Darkwatch), Jay Bonansinga, Graham Masterton, Vince Flynn, Ramsey Campbell, Jack Ketchum, SNAFU Series (adapted for Netflix' Love, Death & Robots)
Lecturing, Workshops & Training:
Canterbury Christchurch University, Turner Contemporary, Pie Factory Music, SurrealPSD, NeoStock ELITE, Earn With Your Art
Press / Publications:
Entertainment Weekly, Advanced Photoshop Magazine, Bizarre Magazine, Practical Photoshop Magazine, AVA Academia (Approach & Language), Obscene Seduction Art Book (nEgoist Press), IO9, The Zombook (Graffito Books), KMag, BanjArt Magazine, Something We Like, Isle of Thanet Gazette, CCCU
BA (Hons) Digital Media 1st Class, Burton Prize for Academic Achievement (Combining Theory & Practice, CCCU)

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