I've always been passionate about Creative Photomanipulation / the Business of Art, and love to share my insights with others through training resources.
Throughout my career I've lectured at universities, created free online tutorials / how-to guides, released video training courses, worked with local outreach programs, and published a book on business and marketing titled Earn With Your Art.
Here's a look at some of my recent projects:

Core Skills: Learn the Art of Creative Photomanipulation

'Core Skills' is a zero-to-hero video training course, designed to teach the student the art of Creative Photomanipulation – from the ground up.
The lesson structure is based on the methodology I used to teach university students creative photomanipulation work within a 3-month module. This course is an update of the wildly successful Art System Photoshop course that was released via the tutorial site SurrealPSD a few years back.

Earn With Your Art: The Creative Freelancer's Guide to Business & Marketing

Earn With Your Art is the comprehensive guidebook for creative professionals looking to take their art and their business to the next level.
With concrete guidance on structuring your day, dealing with clients, navigating social media, and maintaining your health, each chapter walks you through the steps necessary to gain clients, increase your earnings, and live a better life.

Freelancer Case Studies

Learn from the wins, losses, and insights of successful fulltime freelancers – and take your creative practice to the next level.

The #1 New Release [Business of Art]

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